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Research shows that there are choices we can make and actions we can take to equip our kids to live their best lives. There are also strategies we can implement as moms to enjoy ourselves along the way!

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She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future - Proverbs 31:25


Strength and Dignity

An 8-session eCourse on managing the tension in different stages and phases of motherhood and disciplining with simplicity while maintaining sanity. These sessions were recorded in 2017.

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She Laughs - Part 1

An 8-session eCourse on parenting with perspective by setting your sights on the end goal while building a healthy home culture and navigating the day-to-day demands of parenting.

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She Laughs - Part 2

A 9-session eCourse that builds on She Laughs - Part 1. This eCourse includes our most popular series: Pirate Parenting which covers the foundational parenting principals of Authority, Responsibility, Gratitude and Honesty. 

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Without Fear - Part 1

A 7-session eCourse that encourages an awareness of our predispositions when it comes to identifying, processing and responding to emotions. 

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Without Fear - Part 2

A 6-session eCourse focused on helping moms manage and overcome common challenges like worry, mom guilt and overwhelm. 

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Own Your Mind Business

A 6-session eCourse on recognizing and wrangling your thoughts and feelings and teaching your kids to do the same.

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Own Your Happy

Happiness is at the heart of every human, and helping their kids be happy is certainly important to every mom! This 6-session eCourse helps moms create a culture of happiness in their homes. 

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Sample Lecture

Watch below to hear Julie explain the heart behind the Fearless Mom ministry & the vision for our eCourses. After watching this introductory lecture, we pray you feel equipped & encouraged as you embrace the responsibility of motherhood! And, we hope that you'll be inspired to join us for more!

Sample Participant Workbook

Download this PDF to view sample notes pages, discussion questions and reflection activities.

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What Moms Are Saying

"No ministry has had a greater impact on my parenting than Fearless Mom. It is
my go-to when I need to be empowered and encouraged as a momma."

Lori Wilhite

"Fearless Mom has given me tools to be a better wife, mom, and grandmom. It has given me a community of support and the opportunity to encourage other moms."

Nancy Vorpahl

"Fearless Mom has helped me to be a better wife and mother. It has given me the tools to help my kids be happy, healthy adults."

Sharon Rossie

Julie’s experience covers a diverse background which includes special education, elementary reading, early childhood development, children’s ministry and student ministry. Today she has the opportunity to combine her unique set of experiences and apply all she’s learned to empower moms with the skills and tools needed to actually ENJOY parenting their kids. With humor and joy, Julie explains the practical, everyday relevance of the Bible. As much as she loves teaching, her favorite job is being wife to Mac and mom to Emily, Joe, and bonus kids Allyson and Sylvie.

Julie Richard

Eliminate Shame

Providing a GUILT-FREE, SHAME-FREE, JUDGEMENT-FREE environment, where each mom is encouraged and equipped to be the mom God created her to be.

Embrace Responsibility

Encouraging every mom to EMBRACE THE RESPONSIBILITY of motherhood, focusing on what SHE can do to be the mom God created her to be.

Equip With Tools

Equipping every mom with PRACTICAL TOOLS for everyday parenting, no matter where she is in her mom journey.

Empower By Example

Empowering ALL moms following the Biblical instruction written to women in Titus 2, where experienced moms provide support and guidance to younger moms.

We launched the Fearless Mom ministry not because we parent perfectly, but because we believe passionately that if moms rally together and cheer each other on, we can literally change the world. After all, we’re responsible for raising the next generation – and that’s a pretty big deal! Connect with us on social media and subscribe to our Fearless Friday Newsletter to stay in the loop!

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